You may have noticed I have taken a hiatus from the Edible Monster.  I noticed because Google analytics tell me the truth: no posts, no readers.  For a new blog, I completely derailed.  Isn’t this the ebb and flow of life?  We fall off the proverbial wagon and get back on again?  Sometimes it moves fast and sometimes it moves slow.  Sometimes even steady.

Every night as I am falling in to bed I say to my husband…”another day I didn’t get to write.  It’s been 2 weeks…3 weeks…4 weeks…without a post and it’s not good.”  I always feel like I am juggling career, family, home and I know I am not alone.  I’ve given up searching for balance.  My new approach is to determine what is most important for me to accomplish each day and let the rest go.  Sometimes I prioritize a couple of things and sometimes I prioritize too much.  Sounds familiar right?  Too fast or too slow?  Rarely steady?

Recently on Instagram I came across an old friend who was inspired to participate in The 100 Day Project.  She felt she lost touch with herself and was going to spend the next 100 days documenting how she feels real in her daily life – no editing, no filter, just real.  I hung on her post and thought, YES, this is the push I need too.  Call it totally inspired.  I wanted to make the commitment to write for 100 days straight.  It might be one word, it might be 1000 words.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I create the space to do it and am not left with that guilty feeling every night.  Writing makes me happy.  Writing makes me feel alive.  Writing puts me in touch with myself.  My true self.  It leaves me alone to contemplate all the wonder and beauty that surrounds me every day.  Writing might be words but it creates color in mind.

I laughed when considering the possibilities of what might happen over the next 100 days.  What if I can’t “think” of anything to write?  Is it too much pressure?  Will I produce meaningful work or better yet, is this my opportunity to produce great work?  Honestly, it does not matter.  However it unfolds, it will be an adventure.

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