I’m Not Oprah, But I’ve Got Favorite Things. A Gift Guide.

If Oprah can do it, so can I!

Family, friends. Welcome to my list of favorite things that have been time tested and in my humble opinion, would make great gifts. For YOUR loved ones, not me silly. Well, maybe me too 🙂

With the holiday season upon us and one of my most favorite times of the year, I thought I would share some of the things that bring me joy year round. Of course, from a holistic point of view, my husband, my children, my family are all the joy I need on a daily basis, but I couldn’t resist the material goods made & appreciated with love. There are some small business friend links below for products that we use regularly in our home that make fun gifting ideas too. Have fun b(uy)rowsing!

Ta-da! Here they are…

JCrew Shearling Slippers (49.50) in crackled gold of course! I’m guilty of driving the kids to school in these as well. And well, maybe possibly as footwear too. Eek. But seriously, they are that awesome.

Lark & Ro Cashmere Open Cardigan (115.50) to wear three seasons of the year. With jeans, with stylish tuxedo pants, with pencil skirts, with your fave lounge pants. I covet this sweater!

Spiritual Gangster warrior leggings (88.00). Any workout and lounge gear by this company will leave you feeling good 1) because their clothing is well built and comfy and 2) how can you not feel good with written reminders on your clothing that you are essentially awesome? Namaste all day. Hoping Santa brings me these this year!

Bridgewater Chocolates (prices vary) this is a Connecticut favorite and perfect for the chocolate lover on your list! All of their chocolates are amazing. AMAZING. They make traditional chocolate gifts and also do special orders. They have holiday shaped chocolates and specialty shaped chocolate figures such as an alligator that we picked up for our daughter for her birthday one year. They ship!

Gold Twist Drop Earrings (19.00) are my everyday earrings! I wear these in gold 90% of the time. They are big enough to brighten up your look but not overpowering. I’m wearing them now with a fleece quarter zip and jeans. AKA, my “mom” outfit so…

Stella & Dot Drop Earrings ($39.00) these earrings are cool because they thread through your ear. Edgy and gorgeous. You HAVE to have them! And while you are there, the Renegade bracelet (59.00) is equally amazing and a talking piece to jazz up your outfit, I love mine!! This is a small business owner, always wonderful to support! Your stylist is Pamela Anderson.

Cobra Bracelets (99.00) two intertwined rolling bracelets that blend metals. Choose from gold & silver, rose gold & silver, rose gold & gold. I love blending jewelry and these bracelets are a lovely way to tie them together. These are on my personal wish list this year.

Journal (12.00) writing is a meditative and therapeutic activity to calm the soul. This guided journal will bring you joy!

A Book (18.00) The Wisdom of Sundays is a book on my list this year. A collection of uplifting stories from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday series. Must. Have. This.

Beauty Counter (34.00) Nourishing Cream Exfoliator is my favorite face cleanser as is many of their products because they are FREE of harmful chemicals. Another product I am in love with is their Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage. Light enough to not feel oily and a nice way to cover up any unevenness in your skin tone. Check out Jessica’s website. Another small business owner and advocate for all things natural. Your consultant is Jessica Ganzer.

Fun makeup & jewelry bag by Sweet Bee Studios (starting at 10.00) with maybe a little something listed above inside <insert smiley face>. Sweet Bee Studios is owned by a dear, very talented, friend of mine. Her Etsy shop is full of fun, modern gifts that would make anyone happy. Her prices are reasonable and she accepts custom orders. If you dream it, most likely she can make it. Small business owner, always wonderful to support!

Doterra Moroccan Reed Diffuser (29.50) is a cute gift for the beginner oil connoiseur. Doterra carefully sources their oils which is why they are both safe for the entire family and effective. I also particularly love their Petal Diffuser and their Elevation oil blend. My basic favorites Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon can be found in this kit and have a variety of uses for yourself and your home. This is a wellness advocate’s friend website. Another local small business that would love your support.

Limelight (22.00) by Alcone Complexion Perfect Pressed Powder. This is a no-color formula that I love to brush on to cut any shine. Right over bare moisturizer or a light foundation. Their signature lip glosses pack a good color punch and are not thick or goopy like some others. The link here is also a small business owner, always wonderful to support! The website works best on IE, not Chrome, FYI. The beauty guide is Roseann Cice.

Skinny Gold Belt which is on super sale at $11.99 RIGHT NOW! If they sell out, here is a similar belt. Another staple in my closet, I return to buy this belt time and time again.

BR Classic Tees (29.50) Every year I purchase a few classic t-shirts in white and black, v-neck and crew neck from Banana Republic. Love them with everything, alone or layered. Especially under that wonderful cashmere open cardigan. Pay attention to the reviews on sizing, they differ slightly from year to year.

Adidas Stan Smiths (49.95) can you get any more classic? I’m seeing a pairing trend here on my list with the cashmere open cardigan, a BR classic tee, Stan Smiths, gold dangly earrings and a skinny gold belt to finish off the look with your favorite denim. Hello errand outfit for the win!

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet (38.00) for the cook in your life, a cast iron skillet will last generations. And it produces delicious meals, especially if you are a one pot gal like I am. There are stocking stuffers that are great additions to this gift such as the silicone hot handle holder and durable pan scrapers.

Instant Pot (79.99) the new crockpot, better and faster! This is on my wish list, hint hint. Cooking meals for a family can be time consuming and this lovely gadget can get it done!

Nutribullet (119.99) I cannot live without my Nutribullet. I have not grown up yet to the Vitamix. My Nutribullet has been going strong for almost two years and I use it daily. I make smoothies and use it for cashew cream and other sauces that need blending. It works for me, and it does make a great gift for anyone who needs a simple blending system or has limited space.

Most of my gifting ideas are practical. Mostly because I like gifts that are incorporated into my everyday life that I can enjoy and be grateful for more than just a couple of times a year. Years ago when my son was born my husband bought me a personalized leather cuff bracelet that is my absolute favorite. I could not link the artist here because I could no longer find them.

Happy holiday shopping friends!

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