Because, COVID

To everyone who received an auto-email from Edible Monster earlier today, I apologize. It was generated unbeknownst to me which means I may have been spammed or hacked or I don’t know, maybe it was just a glitch.

Like you, I have a lot on my mind these last several months. The world is turning and doing it’s thing in wild and seemingly uncontrollable ways while I sit here in my house feeling like I don’t know how to help. How to help myself or how to heal all the open wounds of everything around me. That feels like such a sad and lonely thing to say when I am actually quite happy and content. Yet every so often the waves of reality rush in and I am so aware in these times that nothing feels right. Nothing is right.

I am going with the flow all the while muttering under my breath, is this real life? Like the age old question, “Who am I?” I find myself asking, “What does real life even mean?” I don’t have any confident resolutions.

In fact, I find myself answering all questions and requests with, “Because…COVID.” This can’t be real life.

Now more than ever we have to turn to love and kindness. Our purpose is to serve, at least that is where my life’s definition starts. How can I serve? Wearing a mask is serving – you are protecting yourself and others in the service of health.

I spent the last 4 months meditating and journaling in the quiet nooks of my mornings. Once the house comes alive the beats of life take over and that is (has to be) okay. I’ve spent this time trying to find harmony in my life. Think about that word: harmony. So beautiful. I am choosing harmony over balance as I just don’t believe balance truly exists except for in weight distribution. That debate is reserved for another time, friends.

Right now I am feeling harmony in this short writing because I have reminded myself that I’ve been away too long. Where are you finding harmony these days?

WIth love,



  1. Carole

    Thanks for your words of wisdom Jodi! I am finding harmony with the girls observing flowers that we planted and reflecting on how Nature always finds its way, no matter what! We can indeed make the world a better place, one little thing at a time. Love from our family to yours

  2. Ry Rego

    I find an odd harmony in reading two, or sometimes even three, books at one time. For some reason my brain enjoys the variety and is able to flip from one to the other. Albeit, I am a very slow reader and this method makes it even longer. The books are also different topics – so right now, one is science and the other adventure!

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