No legs? No problem.

“I’m going too fast!” I shouted into sharp, crisp air that would never deliver the message to the man tethered behind me. My words vanished into the wind leaving only unrecognizable, soft sounds drifting. Flashes of icy mist whizzed past my cheeks and in the moment I was so thankful for borrowed ski goggles. “Left!” … [Read more…]

Bumblebee, You Saved Me.

This blog post is dedicated to Bumblebee, the fashionably yellow scooter that opened me back up to life’s endless possibilities.  Disclaimer: no thing can replace the humans in my life that lift me up day in and day out. No thing can replace the giving and undying commitment of my family and friends to help … [Read more…]

Missing Dad

I should be doing a hundred other things right now. Working is one of them, sorry Work. Wrapping presents, making breakfast, riding my bike, sending out a few more Christmas cards, doing laundry, repotting a plant, and on and on, sorry Jodi and sorry Family. The only thing I can do is sit here and … [Read more…]

The Pants That Ended a Year of No Shopping

I have a weakness for clothes. And shoes. And accessories. And more clothes. And I am really a sucker for sales. So there I sat one October morning, in front of my computer, with a few items in my shopping cart contemplating what to do. Check out now or close the browser window. Such a … [Read more…]

The Three Truths

On Instagram last week I posted a photo of words that I wrote on a construction wall near a restaurant I frequent in Maryland. The wall is intended for graffiti, at least temporarily, while the shop next door is being renovated. I was in awe of the mostly inspirational messages written there. A lot of … [Read more…]

12 Real Food Sources of Calcium for Kids

Happy back to school everyone! My little guy trotted off to Kindergarten last week and my girl started her 4th grade year. It is hard to understand where the time goes and why it goes so fast! I feel the same way about summer, and the weekends too. This week I want to focus on … [Read more…]

Introducing the 2018 Model J

This summer I unveiled the 2018 Model J. This summer, far from self-perceived beach body ready, with my walker in tow, I wore a bikini to the beach and asked my husband to take a photo. I was proud of the 2018 Model J. You might say it doesn’t run very well, but I beg to … [Read more…]