Homemade Echinacea Tea

This might be my shortest blog post ever. You might consider this a historic event in that regard since I never seem to be short on words. <insert happy crying emoji> A few weeks ago I picked up my farm share and among all the vegetable and herb goodness, the farmer gave me cut purple … [Read more…]

What is The Edible Monster?

My daughter asked me the other day, what does Edible Monster mean, mom? I’m sure you may have wondered too. That is a good, succinct question with a long, not so succinct answer. In the beginning Edible Monster looked like a lifestyle blog devoted to food & nutrition, kids and living well. I enjoy writing … [Read more…]

The Big MyStery

May 30th is World MS Day. I have MS. You likely know of multiple sclerosis and you likely know of at least one other person living with MS. It is a mystery illness that has been poetically named a snowflake disease because it manifests itself so uniquely in everyone diagnosed with it. A thumbprint. Sure, there are … [Read more…]

You Are Courageous

I’m sitting in seat 1D on Southwest Airlines flight 3114 destined for Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is just me, traveling alone with a plane full of strangers. It took a whole lot of courage to board this flight. Courage is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe This quote … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday

It’s my birthday today. I decided to write a love letter to myself. Stay with me for a few. The funny thing is, as much as I am writing this to myself, it is really to all of you too. They say age is just a number, and I truly believe that. Age is a … [Read more…]

Hello. Meet, Mom.

Meet, Mom. This is the first ever Edible Monster interview. As this interview unfolds it will come as no surprise where I draw my positive attitude and strength from. There was no question that Mom was the perfect first subject for our interview series. To me, she embodies living your best life and #useyourlegs which … [Read more…]


Being positive is not enough. More important than being positive is to be yourself. ~Anita Moorjani This is probably the most profound, and the most timely, quote I have come across in a long time. My journey with multiple sclerosis started long before my diagnosis in January of 2008. It is hard to believe that … [Read more…]

Happy Winter Feet

This post is for all the people who suffer from chilblains. If you have them, you know exactly what I am talking about. They are bad, naughty little suckers. Chilblains are a painful, itching swelling on the skin, typically on the feet or hands, caused by poor circulation in the skin when exposed to cold. Chilblains … [Read more…]