They Are Only Young Once

“Come wipe me” I hear from a distant location in my house.  “Come WIPE you?” I ask for confirmation. “Yes, I’m upstairs mom.” I could have said no, for pete’s sake she is 7 years old (!), but I did not. I said yes. And I know she probably will not like to read this … [Read more…]

Craft Kits for Kids Under $10!

As a busy working mom, I sometimes (all the time) wish for more play time with my kids. I especially love when we have time for crafts, and really love craft kits which are just the right amount of crafting without too much prep work from scratch (read: I don’t always have time for a … [Read more…]


    At this time of year, just when I’ve packed up the holiday decorations and the house is sort of back to normal and we’re sort of settled back into the school and work routine, my inbox starts to get flooded with SALES.  I especially love to get bargains on clothes for the next … [Read more…]