I Highly Recommend Doing Nothing

Yesterday was Sunday. I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well if you know me at all, that is not entirely true. I did spend the first two hours of the day preparing a birthday breakfast in bed for my husband. Happy birthday babe! Not exactly the whole two hours. But for two hours I was in … [Read more…]

Living the Dream-ish

I am disabled. There, I said it. BUT. I am not unable. That is what I believe. You see the thing is, today is World MS Day. There are 2.5 million people like me, and millions more people like me who battle something different. So we’re all sort of in the thing called life together. … [Read more…]

Running In High Heels, an Essay

It was a glorious hot and sunny day in Lido, an island in the Venetian Lagoon.¬† I had not a care in the world, just floating in the Adriatic Sea.¬† The lapping of the crystal waters.¬† The sunshine beaming.¬† Nothing could be better in that moment.¬†¬†That afternoon¬†we were headed to Murano and Burano via the … [Read more…]

The Greatest Life

I published the following article earlier this summer, after the passing of Mohammed Ali. I was inspired by the many different interviews and news clips of his life from his rise to his supposed fall, although there was never really a fall. He went from the greatest in his sport to the greatest in grace … [Read more…]


You may have noticed I have taken a hiatus from the Edible Monster.¬† I noticed because Google analytics tell me the truth: no posts, no readers.¬† For a new blog, I completely derailed.¬† Isn’t this the ebb and flow of life?¬† We fall off the proverbial wagon and get back on again?¬† Sometimes it moves … [Read more…]

You (Literally) Are What You Eat

You are what you eat. Yep. You’ve heard it all before. But have you really ever thought about how deeply this means? The clean eating movement has brought a lot of food & nutrition awareness to the fore front. We at least know that refined, processed foods are bad for us and whole foods are … [Read more…]

Living More With Less

I have a new motto: live more with less. Recently, a couple of¬†events in my life culminated to ignite my new attitude. ¬†A few months ago I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. ¬†The book has gained popularity like wildfire and I can understand why. ¬†It is a game changer. ¬†Decluttering is THE … [Read more…]