They Are Only Young Once

“Come wipe me” I hear from a distant location in my house.  “Come WIPE you?” I ask for confirmation. “Yes, I’m upstairs mom.” I could have said no, for pete’s sake she is 7 years old (!), but I did not. I said yes. And I know she probably will not like to read this … [Read more…]

Dear Legs, We Need to Talk

Dear Legs, You’re failing me. I have tried to reconcile with you on many occasions, telling myself everything was OK. Searching for the sunshine in a storm. Making excuses every time I have to dial back on life a little because I cannot do what I want to do. This just isn’t working out and … [Read more…]

The Greatest Life

I published the following article earlier this summer, after the passing of Mohammed Ali. I was inspired by the many different interviews and news clips of his life from his rise to his supposed fall, although there was never really a fall. He went from the greatest in his sport to the greatest in grace … [Read more…]