After a very busy couple of weeks, I am back!  My apologies for my hiatus – my home and work life were filled to the brim with activities, projects and deadlines these past two weeks. All of my joyful activities, like blogging, totally got put on the back burner.  Life didn’t slow down until this … [Read more…]

What’s in the Box? Leeks!

Don’t like onions?  You’ve got to try leeks!  Eek?  No way.  No tears with this delicious veggie. LEEKS The Good Stuff Belonging to the same family of vegetables as the onion, shallots and garlic, the leek is the least studied in this category.  What is known is that this veggie is high in folate, as … [Read more…]

Craft Kits for Kids Under $10!

As a busy working mom, I sometimes (all the time) wish for more play time with my kids. I especially love when we have time for crafts, and really love craft kits which are just the right amount of crafting without too much prep work from scratch (read: I don’t always have time for a … [Read more…]


    At this time of year, just when I’ve packed up the holiday decorations and the house is sort of back to normal and we’re sort of settled back into the school and work routine, my inbox starts to get flooded with SALES.  I especially love to get bargains on clothes for the next … [Read more…]

What’s in the Box? Kale!

The farmer’s markets are winding down in New England, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t yummy, organic, US grown vegetables in our supermarkets.  Kale is another versatile, wonderful winter staple that can be found easily at this time of year.  It’s what’s in the box this week. KALE! The Good Stuff One cup of … [Read more…]

It’s All About the Laundry

Not what you’re thinking. I’m not here to air anyone’s dirty laundry, per sé. I am here to discuss my favorite chore. Laundry. For real. I love doing laundry. Absolutely love it. Obsessed. Slightly a little. Maybe A LOT. Ironing is another story. Hate it. Learn my method in 10 easy steps.  Wear your clothes … [Read more…]

Comfy Stew – Vegan & Gluten Free

I have a *slight* obsession with food, especially comfort food that makes your belly feel warm & full on raw winter days.  The following dish is one of my absolute favorites, from one of my staple cookbooks Veganomicon.  This is a brilliant cookbook.  While I am not truly a vegan, I decided a few years ago … [Read more…]

What’s in the Box? Potatoes!

Welcome to our new series, What’s in the Box! Each week we will feature in-season vegetables that you can find at your local farmer’s market, tell you what’s great about them and the best ways to prepare them. Let it be said: the potato is my favorite food in the whole wide world.  I’ve never … [Read more…]