Craft Kits for Kids Under $10!

As a busy working mom, I sometimes (all the time) wish for more play time with my kids. I especially love when we have time for crafts, and really love craft kits which are just the right amount of crafting without too much prep work from scratch (read: I don’t always have time for a Pinterest endeavor)…but they can get expensive, especially when you have more than one child and therefore, have to buy more than one. I’ve found some fabulous craft kits that won’t break the bank and will provide hours of fun for you and your kids.

Hand Made Modern

Target carries a line of craft goods called Hand Made Modern, many of which are $9.99 or less.  Suitable for boys or girls they have a wide array of animal, nature, flower and shape crafts.  This brand also carries a selection craft supplies too.  I’ve been buying these craft kits for over a year for my kids, birthday presents, grab bag gifts and secret Santa. Affordable, well designed and fun. Click here to see their line.

Alex Toys

Great products, especially their line called Little Hands for younger kids, from 2 years old on.  The craft kits are colorful and come with everything you need.  I generally buy these kits on Amazon, and often have a hard time deciding which one!  My kids have grown into these kits – after Little Hands they have an Artist Studio line, Do-It-Yourself jewelry and needlepoint kits, stickers, sewing, and so on.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Paper Bag Animals

Paper Plate Bugs

Fold N’ Fly Paper Airplanes

Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug make great toys.  Period.  Where I think they really excel is in their craft kits.  They are super colorful and usable even after the craft is done…especially if you have a “treasure” loving child like my 6-year old.  The Melissa & Doug trinket boxes never get old for her.  More places to put treasures!

They even have some $4.99 kits that make great birthday party favors.  From large sticker pads to fun jewelry & beads to wooden toy craft kits.

My favorites are listed below.  You can find Melissa & Doug in your favorite toy store or go to Amazon (gotta love prime shipping!)

Wooden Heart Chest

Wooden Toy Race Car

Marvelous Masks

Create and Craft Fashion Designer Kit

Horse Figurines

Michael’s Store

Michaels, Michaels, Michaels…we NEVER leave this store empty handed.  You know how some stores are just like that?  It’s not the amount of spending…it’s just the spending.  We never go home without something from Michaels. Now about their craft kits…they’ve got plenty of small inexpensive options to keep the kids busy for awhile.

My go-to kits which cost between $1 and $3 are their little wooden crafts that usually come with a set of three markers and sometimes little colorful pom poms. Michaels carries small jewelry kits with wooden beads and an ongoing variety of these wooden crafts.  At Christmas time they have tons of ornaments to make too.

I keep several Michaels craft kits on hand for when we’re on the go.

Here’s why I love them: they are GREAT restaurant companions.  And simple take along crafts that keep your children busy when some quiet time is needed. If you’re traveling, they can become homemade gifts for friends or relatives that you may be visiting.

Find a Michaels store here.

Did I mention snow days <gasp!> You guessed it, those days are coming – go grab your craft kits!

I’m curious – what are your favorites or do you make your own?


  1. Terrie

    We have a lot of printable coloring sheets, both kids love Pipe Cleaner Crafts- and Honestly their all time favorite things is taking a plain cardboard box and turning it “INTO” something, Space ships, airplanes, salons’ you name it !

    • Jodi

      I love it! I keep printable coloring pages on hand too. How do they decorate their boxes – with stickers or markers? Love that they are so creative!

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