I’m Not Oprah, But I’ve Got Favorite Things. The 2018 Gift Guide. A Teeny Tiny Bit Late…

Last year, well technically 2017, I published my first ever favorite things list. It was so much fun that I’m back again with this year’s round up of all the things that make me swoon. Except, I’m a little late. Like, after-the-holidays-and-into-a-new-year late. Oops.

Consider this an 11 month early start, or a guide to shopping the January sales.

J.Crew Velvet Leopard Dress. This beauty is soft, classy and wearable all winter long with tall dress boots, opaque tights & booties, heels. Whatever climate you live in, you need this dress. It is a mini style and hits above the knee. Being part of their late fall collection, there are limited sizes left. Keep in mind that returns are coming in right now from holiday shopping as well so if you don’t see your size today, try tomorrow.

Apres Ski Sweater. Another favorite from J.Crew. This Vintage Fair Isle sweater is thick and warm. I did size down for a closer fit in this style. Staying true to size would allow you to layer. And this Popcorn Cable-knit sweater is just the right fit for work trousers, skinny jeans and tall boots or a skirt. I was gifted this sweater in the shale blue and the color is gorgeous for lightening up dark and cold winter days. True to size.

Fondue Pot. Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker. Need to bring some variety back to weekly dinners or entertaining? I recently discovered the world of fondue, mostly because I was looking for an easy solution to dinner where everyone could make their own. I love to cook but making dinner for my husband and I, and then making a separate dinner (or two) for our children was getting old. I love the idea of being creative at meal time and this was the answer for us. Everyone can make their own protein, add their own veggies and have fun participating in the cooking process. The best part is that this particular pot is so easy to clean that you can turn around and serve fondue dessert in the same meal.

Mini Food Processor. This Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor is life changing. It has been around for awhile, but I just discovered it this Thanksgiving at my brother’s house. It is perfect for small food prep like salad dressings, chopping herbs, or making sauces & nut-based creams. Super simple to operate and clean and it comes in four colors. It is loud, but you’re operating it for less than a minute if not just a few seconds so that didn’t bother me.

Looking to splurge? The Tiffany Hardwear Collection is amazing. These Ball Hook earrings or these Triple Drop earrings look amazing with everyday outfits or dressed up. Part of my daily “uniform” is feeling special wearing a simple, understated, statement piece. Does understated and statement cancel each other out? Not to me. You’ll feel fabulous in this sexy, edgy collection.

Feather Earrings. Stella + Dot has some fantastic jewelry out right now that will turn a basic outfit into a trendy hot mama statement in zero seconds flat…or as long as it takes to create an arm party, throw a necklace on and slide earrings in. My favorite pieces from their collection are the Verona Feather Chandeliers and the Pegasus leather cuff. Looks like a lot of color and stone accents coming for Spring/Summer 2019. You can’t go wrong by clicking new arrivals to see what’s on trend.

A solid tote bag. I love tote bags. So easy to thrown things into and toss over your shoulder, especially if you’re a mom and need a large vessel to hold treasures. I have been using an old silver Clinique bag that I received free many years ago with a make up purchase. It is pretty banged up now and time to be replaced. Here are some of my favorite finds:

Tiger Tail Massage Stick. This thing is awesome. If you have mobility issues, tight muscles or are fatigued from sports, this is for you. Available on Amazon. For me, I find it useful t o release my leg muscles in the evening.

Mindfulness Journal. There are lots of great journals out on the market right now. And while we are quickly becoming a digital world, having something to write in on your nightstand or in your office is a nice way to connect with yourself and be present as you write your own words. I was gifted Do One Thing Every Day That Centers You and I am really enjoying it! You can start at the beginning or skip around. Each page has a quote to get you reflecting. There’s not much space to write so this will appeal to the busiest among us.

Puzzles. And while we are all waiting for SUMMER 2019 for Stranger Things to come back on Netflix, go ahead and busy yourself with a Stranger Things puzzle. This was a fun Christmas gift that I received and will help pass the cold nights ahead.

Coffee Table Books. I love to read, but I love books that you can flip through…admire the photos, read some, learn some. My two top picks this year are Beastie Boys Book and Justin Timberlake’s Hindsight & All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Me.

A Selfie Tripod. This is not a joke. Everyone, I mean everyone, needs a selfie tripod. In today’s world of Instagram and YouTube, and even for family photos when your selfie arm just isn’t quite long enough, a selfie tripod with remote control is your answer. Run, don’t walk.

Sales, sales, sales. Since I flubbed and didn’t get this out for the holidays, I would be remiss if I didn’t point you to some of my favorite stores having fantastic sales right now. They are all having an extra 50% off sale items right now!

www.jcrew.com – their women’s and kid’s clearance is crazy good. Plus…its my favorite.

www.vineyardvines.com – their kid’s clothing is high quality and 50% off sale is a great deal on most things. I buy fleece and sweaters and PJ pants for my kids during this sale.

www.anthropologie.com – love their home items!

www.johnnie-o.com – west coast prep men & boy’s clothing. Quality and fit is great.


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